Your Must-Have Checklist for Customer Service Efficiency in 2021

Optimizing CX teams can feel like a battle between lowering costs and providing excellent customer service. This checklist breaks down how to increase efficiency into manageable action items.

About this checklist

In a rapidly changing customer service landscape, “optimization” is the word of the day. However, U.S. businesses lose an estimated $62 billion (with a b!) every year due to poor customer experiences.

Equipped with practical tools and exercises, this checklist will help you uncover new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs while ensuring your business sees increased revenue and repeat customers.

In it you’ll learn about:

  • New approaches to team structure and escalation that will help identify efficiencies and cut FTR
  • Decision-making insights to utilize for BPO selection, location, and internal CS team setup
  • Ways to leverage technology that will minimize costs and continue to delight customers